Poker dictionary

Ante An ante is a forced bet in which all players put an equal amount of money or chips into the pot before the deal begins.
All-In A player bets all his chips.
Bumhunter Player, whose main purpose is to search for fish or just weak players and the game only with them at the tables. (based on
Bet Bet. To bet. To put chips into the pot.
Bet the Pot To bet an amount of chips (approximately) equal to the amount of chips in the pot.
Blind A blind or blind bet. The players to the left of the dealer who begin the action in the first round of betting must make a blind before the cards are dealt.
Blank A blank is a useless card i.e. a card that does not add value to a hand.
Bluff A bluff is a bet or raise made with a poor hand in hopes that all other players will fold.
Button Dealer button. It's a round disk which rotates around the table so that every player has an opportunity to be the last to act.
Buy-In Buy-In is a minimal amount of money needed to join a game.
Call To call is to match a bet. It means to make a bet equal to previous player's bet.
Cash Cash - money, chips.
Check Check means to pass up the right to start the betting in a betting round. If it's the turn of the player to act, and there is no bet to the player, the player may check instead of betting.
Chop Chop is to split a pot. The process of blinds taking back anytime no one else enters the pot.
Downstreak The period of time when the player recieves bad cards, he always loses and is beaten by worst hands.
Flop The first three cards dealt, face-up on the board, and the next round of betting.
Flush A flush is when all five cards making hand are of the same suit.
Fold Fold - to decline to call a bet, thus dropping out of a hand.
Full House Full House - any three cards of the same number or face value, plus any other two cards of the same number or face value.
Hand Hand - a player's best five cards.
High Limit High limit. Games with high amounts of bets.
Hi-Lo Hi-Lo – games with division win.
Hold'em Hold'em is also known as Texas Hold'em. Variety of poker in which each player receives two hole cards and five community cards are dealt on the table in the open. Power of the player's hand is determined by the best five-card combination, which can be composed of seven cards: five open and two closed. See the full rules of Hold'em.
Main pot Main pot - the main bank. All other bets are going to second tier banks and contested among the remaining players. This happens when one or more player bets all-in.
Make Make means to shuffle.
Maniac Maniac aggressive player who plays in a few hands.
Maverick Maverick is the name of the Queen and Jack in one or a combination of different kinds.
Meet Meet means to take the bet.
Muck Muck - the cards, fold.
Minimum Buy-In Minimum Buy-In is a minimal amount of money needed to start the game.
Monster Monster is  exceptionally strong arm, which will almost certainly win the pot. Monster in the tournament is  a player who begins to collect the chips after it made a small bet.
No Limit No Limit limit poker. Playing without restrictions on the size of bets, in which players can bet as many chips in any round of betting.
Out Out means the cards that can improve your hand.
Open Open means  to make the first bet.
Open Card Open Card.
Paints Paints are the pictures. Jack, Queen and King.
Pair Pair means  two cards of one rank or value.
Pass Pass is an application in trade; means abandoning the struggle for the bank. To make a fold. To skip the move.
Pay Off Pay Off means to equalize the player's bet in the last round of betting, when there is the likelihood that your hand is the best.
Pocket Pocket means hole cards.
Pot Pot is the bank; the amount of betting is at stake - money in the center of the table.
Pot Limit Pot Limit is a  limit on the bets : no more than the bank is.
Put Down Put Down means to reset hand.
Raise Raise is an increase of a bet. To raise, increase the previous bet.
Re-raise Re-raise means to raise the bet after someone has already raised.
River River is the  last deal the cards community cards.
Royal Flush Royal Flush. With an Ace high straight (Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten) in the same suit. It is considered to be the best combination in poker.
Rush Rush is a band of wins; the player removes the bank for the bank.
Scoop Scoop means to win the whole pot.
Set Set - three cards of the same value, of which two are in the closed hand, and one on the flop.
Seven Card Stud Seven Card Stud is variety of stud-poker in which each player is dealt 7 cards, three of which are closed and 4 open
Straddle Straddle is a blind bet that is twice the normal big blind (also refers to a player who can raise bets when auctions go to him).
Straight Straight is five consecutive cards unsuited.
Straight Flush Straight Flush - any five straight cards of the same suit..
Upstreak The period of time when the player recieves good cards, and he always wins, ie, streak of luck and good game.