Seven-Card Stud

More recently, Seven-Card Stud was the most popular poker game, but recently it has eclipsed the popularity of Texas Hold'em. This poker is very different from Texas Hold'em and Omaha, and need more patience. However, this is a very interesting game that deserves your attention. In seven card stud, you get seven cards, successively. Three of them are dealt face down, only you will know what they are. Four are dealt face up, so that all players can see them. When all cards are out, you can combine any five of your seven cards to the best poker hand.


Seven card stud is played with antes. Before the cards are dealt, each player posts a mandatory bet to create a starting pot. The ante is normally 10% of the small bet.

The deal

When the antes have been posted, each player is dealt three cards: two face down and one face up. Then the first betting round takes place, starting with the player with the lowest displayed card by suit. The first player to act must bet («bring in») but has the choice of betting either a small bet or half a small bet. If half a bet is made, the following players can either call that bet or raise to a full small bet. (Or fold – you can always fold.)

Fourth street

When the first betting round is finished, each player receives their fourth card face up. The second betting round takes place. Now and on the remaining betting rounds, it is the player with the best cards showing who starts the betting.

Fifth street

Each player receives their fifth card face up. The third betting round takes place, starting with the player who shows the best three card hand.

Sixth street

Each player receives their sixth card face up. The fourth betting round takes place, starting with the player who shows the best four card hand.

Seventh street (river)

Each player receives a seventh and final card. It is dealt face down, concealed to the other players. The fifth and last betting round takes place, again starting with the player who shows the best four card hand. If more than one player remains in the hand after the betting, there is a showdown. The best high hand wins. If there are not enough cards left to deal a seventh card to all remaining players, the river is dealt face up on the board. It works as a community card, which all players can use to form their poker hand.