$100 Battle for survival


GOOD DAY 4 PLAY launches new daily tournament which is ideal for those who don't like to sit for hours at the table trying «tighten up» to get the prize. The tournament is held in the Knockout format on the tables 3-max. After 20 minutes of the game 40 minute break will take place and then the tournament will be continued. We hope you will appreciate the novelty.
Good luck at the tables!

100 Battle for survival

Date and time: Daily at 10:45 (UTC);
Prize money: $100;
Buy-in: $0.5 + 0.2 (Knockout) + 0.05;
Minimum number of participants: 10;
Maximum number of participants: 5000;
Levels: 4 min.;
Breaks: every 5 min of hours;
Time interval: 40 min.;
Starting chips: 2000;
Conditions: The tournament with rebuys and add-ons;
Rebuy price: 2000 chips for $0.2 + 0.2 (Knockout);
Allowed for: ≤ 2000 chips;
Rebuy period: before 25 levels;
Available addon: 16000 chips for $0.50;
Late registration: before 20 level.