Tournament rules

1. All tournaments start on the times shown on the tournament description.
2. Seating arrangements are random. At single table tournaments players cannot choose their own seats. A change of seat during the tournament is not possible.
3. At the very beginning of the tournament, dealer's button will be given to the player with highest hand.
4. The dealer button moves to the left after each hand, so everyone acts as the virtual dealer and everyone is required to post blinds.
5. In case if two players are out of the game at the same time, the one with a bigger amount of chips will get a higher position.
6. When there are only two players left in the tournament, the player on the Dealer position will start first posting low blinds. Player posting big blinds will start first, next round.
7. Tournament will terminate only when one player had won all chips and announced as a Winner.
8. Dumping/Passing chips - Deliberately losing chips to other players for whatever reason will not be tolerated and WILL be picked up by our collusion monitoring team and dealt with accordingly.
9. As the amount of players is reducing, tables will be rearranged to ensure full attendance.
10. We like to maintain a friendly and pleasant atmosphere for all our players and visitors.
11. All prizes will be given according to the tournament type. For more information please refer to the Tournament Lobby.
12. GoodDayForPlay reserves the right of Final Decision.


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